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.I am an experimental abstract artist and filmmaker, currently based in London

Since childhood my passion for art has driven me forward in hopes of being able to do what I love professionally. My curiosity has sent me on a quest to constantly learn and add to my library of skills, from dancing to acting, from filming to photography and painting. I choose mostly photography, film/video and digital painting as my artistic medium for "cognition and decision making" expression/exploration.

Thematically, my works ask questions about topics of feelings and emotions, thoughts and physical sensations, conscious and unconscious. Other times, serve as confrontations themselves, existence vs resistance made visual. Each piece is used  as a tool to re-open,
re-discuss and re-discover forgotten and untold stories..

My intention is people to move their thinking away from long-held fears and limitations, and create in place of these fears a more far-reaching sense of meaning. ​That place where we enjoy other feelings about events that have us responding with “well, I've been here before" but in the strangest and most unexpected way. A process which results in the viewer entering a dream-like state not dissimilar to their unconscious stream of thoughts; it is the entry into
this state which results in the sensation of meaning.

Creatively, i draw most of my inspiration from people, poetry and music. I’m most satisfied   .
when a project requires a variety of skills and mediums. 

 Emotion is priority in my work.

Orelia Creek aka Chrysa Kornazidi